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Post  Eddie on Tue Sep 22, 2009 12:36 pm

Even without the sword, I no longer feel whole. Trapped within the walls of this body, never knowing whom I am.

Name: Icarus
Age: 514 (Due to a curse)
Age Appearance: 21
Race: Mortal (Appeared to be)

Icarus is about 5'11" in height and of an average build. He often wears loose fitting clothing that mainly has an abundance of bright colours and designs. He cares about his appearance quite a lot and so like to make sure there are no extreme problems with the way he looks. He has long, dreadlocked black hair which gets tied up at the back in a pony tail to keep it from getting in the way. However, it is a clear sign of his anger when he takes his hair out of those ponytail. He also has a pair of light brown eyes, that have an iris around about average size.

Icarus does not carry any physically sharp weapons or objects that would at first be deemed a weapon. When he is angered, Icarus uses his hair such as that of a whip. Because of its dreadlocked appearance it forms a perfect tool to dish out some damage when he swings his head. He often carries around with him, a football sized black ball made out of a springy yet solid substance. This ball can dish out a lot of damage but also can bounce off things extremely high and extremely quickly. This is one of his most favoured items.
The only other items he carries are musical instruments, namely a guitar or lute. These he will not use to physically damage by swinging them or breaking them, instead he will use them to play music which can have certain, different effects.

Icarus is a musician and so is able to play music and sing far better than any normal person. His music can be used to create certain effects on people, including putting them to sleep, bringing out an emotion, freeing someone from 'possession' and mind reading or mind control. Other than that it may be used for seduction or mind control itself, a particularly handy ability to have.
He is also a dancer and so is naturally acrobatic and energetic. Although he has the speed and strength of most mortals, he is not the easiest person to fight.

Icarus is a relatively calm being. He does not boast of many talents and is always the first to help a friend in need, in any form that may be possible. He is relatively secretive and often hides his knowledge of matters from other people to make himself more appealing and easier to talk to. He does this mainly on the assumption that mortal's will be afraid of what they do not know, which he has recently gotten over. He tries to find the most pacifist route out of any situation, meaning he doesn't want to always fight, but would rather settle things with words.

Unfortunately for Icarus, once stumbling upon the Sword of Insania he had no idea of how much it would affect his life, even after getting rid of it. Although upon losing it, he thought he would get rid of the other personalities within him. This was certainly true of one, but the sword was not done with him yet, oh no. To pay back his selfishness by giving the sword to an unnamed girl it had cursed him, for he threw his burden upon another willingly, knowing what it would do to them. Now instead of having just the mind of Semnus, he also had to at certain times, begin a transformation into Semnus. Whatever freedom he had before is now under a tighter lock and key, his uncontrolled reaction to yet an unknown stimulus will haunt him for an eternity, locked within the being of another for what could be days.

I seek freedom, this boy cannot hold me in forever. Why was I even put in this body with this freak? I need to break free..

Name: Semnus
Age: 498
Age Appearance: 21
Race: Unknown Exactly

Semnus is around the height of 6'3" and is of an athletic build. He has a fair amount of muscle condensed into a small area of body and so looks rather toned in bodily appearance. His hair is long, down to his shoulders and raven black with two white stripes that move slowly down his hair and join together at the bottom of it. His skin is a rather dark tanned colour and often gives him an evil look when compared to his extremely white eyes, so pale that unless extremely close only the black pupil can be seen.
He normally wears tight fitting clothes that cling to his body so tightly that they cannot rip or tear upon objects without himself being cut. These clothes are usually dark or camouflaged so that he cannot easily be seen amongst forests, bushes and other such areas.
He also bares a tail upon his back. This tail is furry, thick and black with yet another white stripe down it, resembling that of his hair.

Semnus is a special being with a fair few abilities. For a start he has a special talent which allows him to release a gas from his body with a powerful odour. This gas can be used to block out any sense of smell within the area and has been known to sting the eyes and cause them to water due to the chemical balance within it. Even the most powerful senses of smell are rendered useless by this odour that he can create.
Semnus is also a keen manipulator of shadows and darkness. He mainly uses them for something known as a 'shadow step'. This allows him to jump into darkness or shadows and disappear, teleporting off into a completely different shadowed area. This is useful for when he wants to get away or is trying to confuse people. However, he does have some other uses for shadows and darkness which are more apparent than you'd think.
Semnus is able to make a special spike substance around his body. These spikes are able to come out of his skin and then produce a chemical, similar to that of his gas that closes over ONLY the wounds that the spikes produce. He can use these spikes not only as a physical attachment to his body, but can shoot them off or cause them to snap off and be used as projectiles. Other than this he can also use the matter in the floor or other objects to create spikes that are similar to these. This form of spike manipulation or creation can be used by him to make getaways and quick exits.

Weapons and Equipment:
Semnus carries around a vast amount of equipment on his person. This includes pouches of shurikens, many kunai, a grappling hook, ropes, springy ropes, wires, polearms, a sword, etc. He uses most of these for quick getaways and for other certain jobs that he may need to do. Other than the use of these he is an exceptionally talented acrobat and fighter and uses this fact to his advantage when he is disarmed or unable to use a weapon effectively in a situation.

Semnus was always the darkest side of Icarus, ever since that sword came into his hands. Semnus shows greed and anger in most things that he does, being a professional thief and assassin, he thinks about himself first and others.. well he doesn't think about others at all really. He likes to find the quickest way out of situations, namely two favourites - running away and fighting. Like Icarus, he is secretive, but only on a much, much larger scale. Semnus cares for only one person - number one.


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accepted. (Y)

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