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Post  Eddie on Tue Sep 22, 2009 12:33 pm

Name: Senzar
Age: 21
Race: Baraku
Height: 6ft
Weight: 168 pounds (12 Stone)
Titles: Prince, The Dark Prince

Senzar is around 6 feet tall with a muscular, yet slender body. It is perfectly formed due to his acrobatic and rather intriguing way of fighting. He is pale skinned; like that of an angel. His hair is a raven black, extending backwards from his head, as if it defies some form of gravity, but not completely so that it could stick up. His face is lean and angular, making his jaw prominent and masculine, allowing some beauty into his face, although this could be seen as deceptive to his nature. His eyes are a fair blue, piercing yet with the utmost hint of beauty.
When his wings are shown, they are feathered, much like that of an angel. Unlike an angel however, his feathered wings are raven black, just like his hair. They protrude out from his back quite far if not kept in.
All the markings of his Bikai are in the shape of a hieroglyphic eye. This eye is in black, the same raven black as his hair and wings, and is surrounded by 5 circles. These circles each have a 5 point star in them, creating an elaborate display of what would be considered tattoos to those unknowing. The Bikai marking on his eyes can only be seen when the pupil and iris cannot, usually when he uses an extreme amount of energy.
He wears only regal clothing, a black cloak, fastened at the front by string and lace. It too, is embroidered with the same markings as the Bikai on him. This coat is always kept in utmost perfect condition, as if he had constantly worked to keep it clean and crisply cut. He then wears a pair of red trousers, they are unmarked and plain, but the colour of which is exquisite and expensive looking.

Senzar carries only a cane on him. This cane has a raven head with angelic wings at the top. These form the grip upon which he holds his cane, so long as it is not attached to his side. When attached to his side, he wears it upon the fashion of a katana or samurai sword. The cane itself holds many secrets, one of which is that the handle or head of the cane can be pulled out to reveal a sword, much like a katana in shape. This blade is exquisite in shine, and reflects his image upon it with ease. This allows him to remain focused and receive complete clarity when fighting, so he can see at all angles.

Senzars temperament is both regal and confident. He gives off an aura of what seems to be nobility due to his prince status. He is seemingly forgiving and represented as a kind man. However, his attitude can be lead more towards the cocky and confident side, trailing away from his kind demeanour. He can be seen as very arrogant, often boasting about his skills if he must, fearing no one. However much people may think they know him, there is more than what meets the eye with Senzar, far more…

The Baraku are extremely good telepathists. However, their telepathic methods are hindered rather abruptly. They are only able to read minds with ease and to communicate through the mind. This means that they are unable to devolve someone’s mind, take control of someone, erase memories or cause any sort of physical damage via the mind. Communication through the mind is simple for them, as is reading another persons mind. However, reading their own mind can be more difficult, if it is wished that no one should enter. However, if someone is granted entry into their mind, they will find it is an extremely easy task to probe it, well probe what it is that the Baraku want them to see…
(Either communication or mind reading will take at least 3 lines to form a connection)

Dark Conjuring
This is similar to most forms of conjuring, but only with a slight twist. Conjuring normally would require an object to exist, however this form of conjuring allows the creation of something from nothing. An upside to this is that, unlike in alchemy, there is no fair trade system to abide by. The expenditure of energy however is far greater than that of alchemists, and restricts the amount of things that can be created from nothing, this leaves a maximum of three things to be made per day, and however it is very rare that all of these would ever be used.
(This would take a minimum of 4/5 lines – to be treated as advanced magical forms)

Phase Matter
This is the ability of the Baraku to turn into ‘nothingness’. The Baraku itself actually just spreads out its body in extremely small pieces, so small in fact it would be impossible to detect by eyesight, even for those with supernatural ability. Thus they would resemble the ‘nothingness’ that people would compare them to. When they phase, they are unable to cause or recieve any physical damage until returned to their complete physical state. They are also unable to use any other form of ability, until they have returned to their complete state.
(This will take a minimum of 4/5 lines – To be treated like teleportation)

This is the ability to cause ‘tricks’ of the mind. However, none of these illusions are able to cause any damage of any form whatsoever. They are only able to be used to make trick someone into thinking something is there. When an illusion is created by the Baraku, it spontaneously begins to take effect on all the senses, thus better for deceiving. However, the illusions are extremely restricted in the fact, that the person can not think they are in pain, or feel an imaginary pain because of an illusion. Dependant on the illusions size, a certain level of concentration must be kept by the Baraku.
(These illusions will take a minimum of 5 lines to create – to be treated like an advanced magic)

The Baraku, although they are humanoid in form, are not made up like a human. They are not composed of the bodily organs that a human might possess. This means they do not have a heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, kidney or reproductive organ, although they do have a brain. However, instead of these they have certain ‘sources’ known as Bikai. There are five Bikai in total which are located at odd intervals around the body. These are the five Bikai:
Bikai Number Location
1 A layer around the brain
2 The left eye
3 The right eye
4 The left palm
5 The wings / wing markings

Gaining Energy
To gain energy, the Baraku simply just places their left palm onto the victim’s forehead. Through the bikai the energy can be gathered into the body. However, the Baraku is not able to drain all the energy of a victim, so the victim will still live, and have a considerable amount of energy to move about. Those that do magic would be restricted from using it for ten minutes, if they are alive that is.

Their speed is considered that of slightly inhuman. They are not able to move fast enough to blur, but they are able to move fast enough to be skilled.

Their strength is somewhat inhuman, however it is not considered that of a Lycan, Daemon, Sparadus . It is above human standard, however not too far above human standards.

However, they are able to use energy magic, simply because their ‘Bikai’ are just energy in a certain distinct area.

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abilities please.

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