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Post  Eddie on Tue Sep 22, 2009 12:32 pm

Name: Kairi Elensar
Age: 7400
Race: Unknown Mage
Height: 5'10"
Nickname: Snake Eyes
Adopted Into Elensar Family
Sister - Anna Elensar
Sister - Scarlet Elensar

Although old, Kairi has an extremely young mans appearance, thus causing him to fit in with the Elensar family with ease. His face is clean shaven and his youthful looks seem to just pour out. His hair is long and snow white, moving down to his mid back region after being tied lightly behind his head in a ponytail. His eyes are an extremely bright, light blue, shimmering in the light like stars in the night sky. His whole facial appearance cries out an insane amount of beauty and hansomeness, often a gift to winning the hearts of many women, before they've even spoken to him, sometimes it's been said he has outdone most faces that vampires possess.
Kairi's body is nothing short of perfection either. It has an extremely toned look to it, the muscles defined to the extreme in every place imaginable or unimaginable. However he is not excessively huge, he has an average to slightly above average body size for his height, although it is extremely good looking and kept in perfect condition. To show off this body he does not wear anything to cover up his torso, instead he leaves it bare with only white wraps around his hands. He wears loose fitting white trousers that flow gracefully around his body, whilst still clinging to him at the waist. He also wears nothing on his feet and prefers to move barefoot.

Being a mage Kairi has a vast set of special powers and abilities at his disposal. He has a vast control of energy, elements, shadows, electricity and other such magical effects at his disposal that would cause him to be worthy of the title mage. He is definately not short in any magical aspect, having the ability to do many things that other energy users may simple deem impossible. He is also able to store souls within himself to get energy boons from them, however, he is known to give them back after he has had enough time to feed one some of the energy within these souls, he does not use the gifts given by them. To conclude his magical power, Kairi has set out some signature moves that he uses in fights when he feels it is necessary to do so. One of which is his time slow. Time slow happens when an amount of energy is leaked off of him to cause everything to move in slow motion but never to actually stop. Once he starts using his energy for a different purpose however, the time slow instantly stops and everything moves back to it's original speed.
To go with his magical abilities, Kairi has trained to become extensively powerful in physique aswell. His body can move at such speeds that he can sometimes mimic a vampire, flitting and flickering into and out of view as he moves. He is also at a peak of strength for himself at the moment, although he is trying to improve this. He has been known to apply enough pressure in punches and hand gestures to puncture skin and flesh with his bare hands. This is something that is indeed scary for any individual, even the strongest and hardiest of creatures.



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Post  Jessica on Sat Oct 10, 2009 1:12 pm

accepted. (Y)

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