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Post  Eddie on Tue Sep 22, 2009 12:31 pm

Name: Accelero Nex
Known as: Axel / Vortex
Race: Unknown
Height: 6'1"

Appearance (will write it later):
Accelero Nex Assassin

The only weapon Axel uses is his sword. He carries it around with him everywhere he goes. It is relatively long and plain, the only actual details being in the hilt of the sword itself, which he seemingly always has his hand on. The blade can be seen partly in his picture (look at appearance).

Axel has a controlled use of energy, which he uses in a discrete form at most times. He usually when using energy channels it towards his sword and then manipulates it into different forms via his sword. However, he uses an energy he calls black energy. This energy is completely black in colour and can be extremely destructive and he sometimes uses this without any manipulation of his sword. This energy also comes in a variety of different uses.
Axel has what would be considered inhumane strength and speed. He is known to perform feats that most races couldn't dream of in terms of strength and speed, although not being the direct top in either. He runs at a speed below flitting, but still fast enough to outrun most people and can lift most objects, even those that are extremely heavy.
Axel is sometimes known as vortex because of his ability to manipulate currents of energy within the universe. He uses these currents to form vortex's that can suck up an opponent and send them elsewhere, sometimes even to parallel dimensions. He however cannot use these vortex's to completely crush an opponent or kill them, only to move them.
Axel is also known to form gravity wells and to manipulate the gravity around a system. With this ability he has been able to subdue the movement of opponents and also to trap their movement entirely. However, he cannot manipulate the gravity currents to completely crush an opponent. He also uses the gravity manipulation to give himself an advantage over other beings, and he cannot sky rocket opponents out of the atmosphere either, for he doesn't have that much power.
Because of his connection to his sword, Axel has been able to use it for most different means. He has even began to use it for relocation. Wherever his sword goes, he is able to relocate his body to it in an instant, This has become excessively useful for when someone kicks it out of his hand or when he wants to travel somewhere quickly. He has been known to throw his sword and appear by it just to throw it again so that he could travel great distances excessively quickly.


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Post  Jessica on Sat Oct 10, 2009 1:13 pm

accepted. (Y)

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