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Dream - The Mystery Himself Empty Dream - The Mystery Himself

Post  Eddie on Tue Sep 22, 2009 12:28 pm

Name: Dream
Race: Unknown (Humanoid Atleast)
Age: Unknown (Even To Himself)
Age Appearance: (True Form - Mid 20's)
Height: Varies (True Form - 6'2")
Roles: Magician
Titles: None
Alignment: Unknown

Dream is a man of many appearances. He never sticks to one look as he feels it's a complete giveaway of whom he is. He changes his look along with his alias frequently. Sometimes he'll change the way he looks daily, sometimes by the hour and on odd occasions by the minute. What is true of him is that he never shall stay in one look permanently. Not only does his outer form change, but also his inner form, mainly affecting his voice, eye colour, etc. The only form of which he shall always keep is his true form.
True Form:
Dream's true form is that of a complete gentleman. He has a button up, white shirt that clings rather tightly to him. Over this he wears a dark purpley blue jacket which goes down into two points down behind his back. This is also button up nearer to the bottom, allowing people to see his white shirt underneath the jacket nearer the top of it. The jacket also has black cufflinks on the sleaves and is fairly plain designed. In the top left hand pocket on the front of his jacket rests a white orchid. His trousers are also the same purpley blue as his jacket, leading down to his immaculate, shiny black shoes. The shoes are relatively pointed at the end to give them a high class look. He wears the purpley blue tophat with a darker blue stripe around the middle of it. The blue stripe material goes around yet another white orchid, holding it close to his hat. On his right eye a monacle lies, attached to a bit of string connected to his jacket.
His face is young, with an appearance of around the early or mid twenties. He is clean shaven and fairly long faced. He has light brown hair that seems to fall oddly on him. It is longer on the right hand side than it is on the left. The eyes are a light blue, scarily pale, close to that of a near white.
Although his appearance may be deemed intimidating, he has been classified hansome and beautiful beyond belief. His looks have been known to charm even the most resistant of women, whether they have an interest in someone else or not, he IS great looking.

Like his looks, the attitude of Dream always seems to change and with it so does his 'name'. Dream is one of the best actors known to exist, something that he has trained upon for even the longest lifetimes. Although his appearance says early or mid twenties, he is actually a lot older than most would deem to imagine, very few would remember or know him however. As an actor he is able to fool and confuse even the smartest of minds, wise and aged, aswell as those young and susceptible. He bears no limits to the endless talent he has to illude and confuse people. At times he is known to be kind and innocent, but at others he may be deemed evil and corrupt, nothing is really known about his true personality.

Dream is a master magician. Being such he is able to use specific talents that most would only dream of having, hence his name. He is an able manipulator of the elements, something he practised with many a race so that he could learn all of their talents. After so much practise, he has been able to use not just one or two of the elements at the same time, but sometimes even all of them in conjunction with one another, a daunting task for even the most magically able. The elements also work well in conjunction with his ability to use shadows and pure darkness, however he cannot manipulate light at all, nor the level of darkness that a daemon may possess. He can control more than just elements, gemstones and crystals and other such are also within his power to control, summon and even manipulate or create. His energy usage is not short either, he can manipulate the raw substance into many forms, using it for particular tasks that may also deem impossible. He is a master of trickery and illusions, capable of pulling off some so vast and intricate and sometimes even stupid that others wouldn't believe that anyone could pull it off because it seems so hard that it'd be noticable... he proves it isn't. With his illusions he may sometimes leave clones of himself as he moves, or other things to distract whomever may be fighting him. Along with this he is a master of the mind, able to read others thoughts and speak to them telepathically, he may even take control of them. After such long practise, he could enter your mind without you ever noticing what was happening. With such a capable mind, he is able to feel those trying to etch within his own, no matter how hard most of them may try, only few could do such without him noticing. This however, isn't the limit of his magical powers. He is also able to shapeshift, giving himself a different form whenever he chooses, thus leading to his different alias' and appearances. His shapeshifting ability goes as far as his imagination goes, and that is limitless. His most powerful ability is the ability to skip between realms and even force others into other realms. He can 'jump' between these realms so rapidly that it seems he just vanishes. In the past he has been known to use this power to confuse people, trap them and even cause them to end their own life or take those of their friends. His vast amounts of power have left him able to conjure, summon and create the most suprising of things.
His magical abilities are not the only abilities he has. He also has a serious talent for acting and also in strength and speed. Although not as strong as some of the extremely superior races, he has a considerable strength daunting for most. This is the same with his speed, except instead of just leaving in a blur or flitting, he appears to 'jump' between spots, like that of a teleporter but not using the same technique. Whereas teleporters may be able to completely disappear entirely from the realms to reappear in them again elsewhere, Dream actually stays in the realms, but just moves at such a speed eyesight cannot contain. You will see him in one spot, then before you can see anything or bat an eyelid, he is elsewhere. He uses all of his talents in a combined effect most often so that he can completely dazzle others and show off his talents.
He is a charmer aswell, although this is no real ability which others may not possess, it is a talent that he has practised. It can cause others to see from his point of view, or to feel comfortable around him. He will use his talent to speak and charm to melt hearts, confuse others, outwit the smart, anger people and even cause other emotions to burst out.
Although Dream has such a high magical ability and very many talents, beyond that which most people may dream of, he only ever shows fractions of his true potential or energy, leaving his alignment and power concealed away. He hides his true potential from others so that those that can feel energy are unable to tell who he is or just how strong he might be.

It would seem obvious that most people would carry weapons these days. However, Dream can also himself be considered a weapon and isn't always seen to carry one. Any weapons that he would carry would vary as most would give him away if he kept using them and so he keeps changing them if they are anywhere near him, if he has them at all that is, so there is no information on what weapons he may possess.

Dream was born eons and eons ago, in a completely different realm, far before Genesis. He was not born to parents however, he was merely created into existance. He had power that those of the realm he was born into couldnt even dream of, even from birth it seemed to flow from him. He was not born a baby, but rather was born adult, fully capable of movement and of mind. He seemed like a 'newcomer' to those of his realm, I mean, who could possibly be born an adult? They thought that he must have grown up elsewhere. Within weeks and months Dream was able to use the full extent of the powers that were given to him at birth. He had learnt from few of that realm how to manipulate the crystals in the ground, gemstones, energy and other elements. Although, he wasn't capable of what he is now. After he had learnt all that he could from that realm, he hungered more knowledge. His hunger drove him to hearing about a special magic, able to 'jump' between realms. This power was known and unlocked by no one, as it had guards stood outside the great place for which it should be learnt. These guards were exceptionally skilled both magically and physically but alas, when Dream had decided he wanted the power, he would take it... by force. However powerful the fabled guards were, they stood no match to the constant onslaught of Dream, killing off the entire troup without suffering a single scratch. He broke through the doors then, calling upon the ancient power that he sought for so long. The power itself was gifted to him and then he walked out the doors. Upon leaving he destroyed the place itself, causing the powers to be lost forever from that moment onwards, except for to him.
Dream was soon angered that the realm had nothing left to offer him, neither in knowledge, physical ability or magic. So he began to lay his onslaught, killing off every living being within the realm, and plunging it into total darkness. Nothing survived his power, and that was when he travelled to another realm.
With time he learnt from that realm more than what he had known before. He was able to practise foreign techniques and abilities, including that of darkness and shadow. He had also spent much time practising those abilities he already knew, honing them to a far greater capability. Once again, the realm was not able to bear any more for him to know, and his anger struck once again - slaughtering those of this realm aswell as the last.
Dream kept moving from realm to realm, learning about everything they had to offer, including a realm that taught him how to shapeshift. He had learnt from the people of that realm to manipulate his body in all sorts of ways, and in turn to act aswell. Although these people could see beneath acts and disguises, Dream had been able to master their powers, confusing even some of them. He then destroyed that realm to as he left, yet another to plunge into the darkness that were the others, a lifeless, black pit.
Within the vast amounts of time that he existed, Dream's power had grown dramatically. It wasn't like that of a lifetimes practise of energy growth, it was seen as the growth of energy of lifetimes of lifetimes. These lifetimes being like those of angels and daemons, everlasting until killed. His power seemed to outdo even the most capable of creature, person or divine entity.
He had learnt all he could about most magics, as he reached the realm of pangea he had learnt everything from the beings and entities there. He had progressed beyond belief in all of his talents, but however, unlike the other realms he left Pangea with life so that he could journey on to other realms. Pangea seemed to be the realm with the widest variety of beings and creatures and would evidently become moreso with time he had thought, hearing the rumours of 'Satan' and 'God', the main two forces acting over that realm. Dream also watched over the battles in this realm, it was a lot less peaceful than the others, and proved good entertainment for him to watch. He was old enough to watch Palina and Feanro fight when they were far younger than they are now, also not knowing his own age, just like they hadn't. He was around to watch Zero's downfall the first time, to be locked in another realm. He had simply seemed to be weak in the eyes of many, his magic and energy completely hidden, he was deemed nothing more than a common 'mortal' - how ignorant of everyone. Then he simply seemed to 'disappear' from that realm, leaving only the few with the knowledge of his existance to believe he died off. In truth, it was the realm of Pangea that gave him the name 'Dream', the name that caused him to drop his real one, never to exist again.
Dream conquered other realms in his quests for power, bringing him to drain the realms of energy, and that of the people as well. Eventually, he began to build up people as slaves, his mind becoming more sadistic and evil. When he had eventually visited most realms he had learnt every skill that he has today, and remains practising them on people until this date. His collection of dead realms and slaves now evergrowing, building his new domain.
He visited Pangea frequently, under new alias' so that people never knew whom he was, however some talk of him still existed, and some people still hated him for some few odd reasons. He has recently come back to visit Pangea, looking upon how it's gotten on, and how far it may go.

Only one thing will ever be known about Dream, he is a mystery...


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Dream - The Mystery Himself Empty Re: Dream - The Mystery Himself

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accepted. (Y)

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