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Post  Danny on Fri Sep 04, 2009 2:15 pm

Name: Kage Rai

Age: Eight

Race: Ancient

Role: N/A

Height: 4ft

Skills: Weather control, ( best skilled with lightning ). And also has a very unique skill with the lance, mastering the form at the age of four.

The Orb: Kage carrys a medium sized blackened orb in his hands, the orb not actually telling him much except the persons name he meets, and also what race they are and if they are royal, or highly ranked.

Apperance: Long purple robes, with a white scarf around his neck and armour under the robes.

Physical Apperance: Dark eyes, black hair, average body.

Personality: Kage has a down and doom personality and doesnt care for many people at all - not caring who dies but somtimes, who lives.

History: Kage grew up with caring other ancients, although he did not care for them. Kage was brought up by a man named 'Reno' and trained under him in the arts of weather manipulation and the form of a lance. Kage learnt lots from Reno in what was a very short time. When Kage was four he mastered the lance form and was doing very well with his weather manipulation - Reno was pleased. Unknown how to Kage, Reno was killed three nights after Kage becoming four, infact Kage's entire village was burnt that night just two hours after Reno's death.

Kage stood and watched, holding a black orb in his hands as the blaze spread from house to house, the screams of the innocent ringed through his ears, thats when he saw a figure in bandages and torn silk standing infront of him, with no expression. Kage stared back at the women, like her, with no expression. The figure began to walk away and after some thoughts - Kage followed. Later in the year, Kage knew still little about his new master but her name and other facts - only the stuff he would need to know, nothing more, nothing less. Kage didn't mind - he couldnt careless to be exact. Him and his new teacher - Hope now travel around, Kage following her every command.


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