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Not Yet Achieved By Angelus And Lizael (Ignore For Now)


Unknown (Mixed Ages)
Age Appearance:
Fusion (Mixed Races/Characters)
6 feet 5 inches
16 Stone
Fused Characters:
Angelus Kutona
Lizael Faust

Angael, being a complete fusion of two different entities gained features of both. These features have given him a rather more 'unique' look. He stands at a height of 6 feet and 5 inches, making him a fairly tall character. He weighs around about 16 stone, this is due to the massive differences in weights of the two being's that fused together to create him. He has a body that can be considered slender and also athletic. He is thin like an elf, but also has the serious muscle that Angelus had possessed. Thus his body is extremely toned, with large definition to each muscle on his body, far beyond any of those his size. Each muscle seems to just ripple out from his body, perfect in form.

He has an extremely youthful appearance, this because of the Angelic and Elvish blood within his system. As such his face is also long and slender, although more feminine than masculine in shape, you can still define some of the more masculine features of his face. His eyes are a mix of a sky blue, crimson red and an emerald green, mixing together with no definite boundary between them. They sit just under a thin, green eyebrow, well kept and next to a thin, rather more elegant nose. His hair is long and well kept, straightened to perfection. It seems to just flow delicately down to his mid back. The hair itself is mainly a body of green, a dark green that seems to look deep and wonderful in colour. However, although mainly green the hair still has some streaks of blonde and black in it, however only at the fringe and front of his hair, the green moving into the black which finalises at the very edge in the pale blonde, strips.

His clothing is also relatively unusual, making his own unique style. It often consists of tight bodied clothing, giving him the freedom to move with little difficulty. He wears a tight dark red, almost tank top styled shirt, this shirt however has a black pattern of horizontal strips moving from his top left shoulder down to his bottom right waist. The Black strips are actually fastens that keep the top together, giving him the ability to take it off when it would normally be too tight to pull off. His right shoulder has some form of guard on it, not exactly made of metal, but still of a thick material to protect that shoulder. The guard is coloured an extremely dark blue, almost black in colour. From this guard he has one dark red sleeve, his other arm bare. This sleeve moves down to his wrist stopping but with a point that seems to extend between his middle two fingers and down the front of his palm. On the palm side of this pointed cloth is a black symbol. This symbol takes the form of an almost complete circle, but with jagged lines spiralling out of it. His other hand has a pure, midnight black glove on it. On the palm side he has a similar symbol to the one on his right hand; however this symbol is the same red as the rest of his top.

The trousers Angael wears are the same black as his glove. They are also tight to his form, thinning out slightly as they tuck into his boot, giving them a slightly tight appearance at the bottom. Along either side of these trousers are thick, dark red stripes similar to that of his top that moves down from the hip all the way to the boot. Inside of these stripes are the black symbols that were on his hands. These symbols are also in black. Along the waistline of his trousers he wears a belt, this belt is slightly slanted and is dark blue like that of his shoulder guard in colour. There is no buckle and part of the belt seems to hang down towards his left knee, as it is slightly off centre and flows down from the outside of the left leg. The belt itself is relatively thin, although still has some slight width to it. The bottom of the hanging piece has the dark red symbol that he wears commonly on all his uniform.

His boots are a midnight black, shined to absolute perfection. They go up to a height just above the ankle. They are laced up at the front, laces moving from the very top of the boot down to around several inches from the tips of the toe. The lacing itself is extremely thin and also midnight black. The lacing doesn't go through loops but rather more slides around little black hooks. These laces form a cross pattern over each other on the front of the boot. The sole itself, is actually relatively thick, giving him a little more height than the 6 feet and 5 inches. The boots are of a thick material and also have steel toecaps within them, thus making them extremely hard.

Angael as two different beings in one, would normally be expected to have an extremely confusing, dual personality. However, contrary to belief, the two personalities merged together to form one, more refined and sophisticated demeanour. Angael does still have a dual toned voice though, a mixture of Angelus’ booming, deep voice and Lizael's slightly fairer, average pitched voice.

Being part Angel and Elf, Angael has an extremely clear and cool mind. He is a calm being throughout, giving off a tranquil and peaceful feeling to him. Although he is not incapable of feeling emotion, he does not show them and so often induces people into the same calm and collected state that he is in, reducing any panic, fear and frustration from the atmosphere. This is often shown by his almost non-existent use of any facial expressions. His face stays plain and un-tampered with, sometimes doing the opposite effect to that mentioned before and instilling a form of confusion in others. He uses this cool and collective manner even in his fighting ability, the facial expression the same all the time.

It shows that Angael is extremely confident in his abilities. Although he does not boast, he gives off the effect that he always knows what he is doing and that he can do it well. His lack of arrogance also makes him capable of making friends easily, talking to people without much thought and being an extremely well mannered being, never insulting and never extremely overbearing, when he does show emotion it is for extremely short periods of time, and this a rare sight indeed.


Angael is a fusion of two different beings. Because of this Angael has an extremely vast range of abilities. Both Angelus and Lizael trained their abilities as far as they could, even perfecting them. As the abilities had been honed to the finest art, Angael reaps the benefits of them drastically. Just as Angelus and Lizael did, Angael trains his skills daily so that he is able to keep them in the utmost top condition. He works at them until they are absolutely perfect, and then keep on working at them until he could not work anymore. That is a day in which he cannot see coming.


Being what is known as Garou (a Lycan), Angelus was able to speak within canine tongue. Angael therefore reaps the benefits of this ability to speak to wolves and dogs, a task that often comes useful. Unlike Angelus, Lizael was an elf, a master of the forest during his life. This made him capable of understanding most languages that animals and races speak, he was also able to speak within those languages himself, although not completely fluent he was able to connect the words together and was rarely misunderstood. Angael too gains this ability to talk to most animals and races, a great aid in times of need indeed.

Angelus is an imaginative and great magician. He is extremely adept in magic after learning from various different sources and the like. He even made his own assumptions and thoughts on magic and the use of it, most often to dictate others. Angelus is capable of using all the elements, air, earth, fire and water with extreme skill and precision, rarely ever making a mistake. He has been able to mix two or more of these together for extra effect, sometimes to make lava and ice for control, on occassion he even manipulates nature. He is not limited to just the elements however, oh no. He shows excellent ability in the use of shadows and electricity, although not as far in potential as a daemon would be in shadows, but far enough to make him a capable enemy. He is a formiddable opponent indeed. The effects of such extensive training now rubs off onto Angael, showing a potential and ability for magic on a larger, grander scale than before. Angelus was also an able bodied telepath. Because of this all those inherent skills now progress onto Angael, perfect for future use.

Angelic Light:
Lizael is an Angel. Therefore he is capable of manipulating and using Angelic light. He is able to use it very precisely and clearly, also to a great advantage. With this light he is able to heal most wounds, although not exactly mortal wounds. This makes him very valuable to most people, considering he can repair any damage done to them incase they are in need of a quick recovery for a next fight. The larger the injury, the longer it takes. He is also able to manipulate the light into the various art forms an Angel can use, such as a celestial prism. With Lizael able to achieve this, Angael is able to achieve the exact same feats. This means that Angael can also access the celestial gates of heaven, to collect and retrieve souls from their and limbo for another chance of life on Pangea.

Physical Potential:
Due to being both Angelus and Lizael, Angael reaps the benefits of the physical potential of both. Rather than finding a central spot between the abilities, Angael has both potential's added together, causing a mass of physical ability in the one entity. Angael has an extreme amount of strength and speed therefore, his speed matching most vampires and even surpassing some with a mere 'flicker' of his image. He uses these physical abilities to a point where most people dream of reaching. His strength even outdoes most Garou (lycans), becoming what would be considered an extreme pain.

Dual Toned Energy:
As Angelus and Lizael could before him, Angael is able to manipulate his own energy. However, as he is two seperate beings become one entity, the energy readings seem to be completely odd. The energy shows a signature of both Angelus and Lizael, giving the energy a mass of colour. It works from Angelus' dark green energy to Lizael's varying crimson red and sky blue energy. This beautiful swirl of energy is therefore extremely difficult to pick up by tracers, purely because it is neither wholesome energy of Angelus or Lizael. To pick it up would require the person to look for both energy sources at the same time, otherwise it would give a faint signal of either persons energy. This energy, as both Angelus' and Lizael's added together can cause a lot of destruction and is increasingly strong. It can however, just like any other energy be overridden or dissipated.

Angael has no celestial form. As two united beings it has rendered him incapable of acquiring such a form and so limits him only to recovering his wings. His wings do not remain permanently on him, through choice. Therefore he must force them to appear upon his back, not too difficult a task. Normally it would require no action for the wings to be 'summoned', however, Angael has built up a signal for when he chooses to use them most times, flicking his hands out one at a time to either side so that his wings may spread from his back. This also decreases the amount of time needed for them to take true form. The wings however, look extremely odd. The front of the wings look a perfect snow white, feathered beautifully like all Angel's wings should be. The backs of the wings however are midnight black, with dark green streaks running down them at various points. Both wings are kept in a state of pure beauty, they seem to be immaculate and untouched, almost polished to perfection. They reflect all light that hits them and shine so brightly it can sometimes be considered blinding.

Angelus is a Lycan, and so always had what most would consider an 'Inner Beast'. A monster of somekind that dwells deep within the body, untouched and unnoticed until it chooses to reveal itself or the host chooses to reveal it. There is no except with Angael, harbouring his own Beast within himself. However, this beast is not like a Lycan, it is completely different. Angael is still capable of controlling it's release, just like Angelus was his crinos state.

The Beast:
The beast itself normally takes on the same mindframe that Angael has. Although this is not always the case. As Angelus was bitten by a werewolf, he had the occassions of the full moon causing him to transform into his crinos state unwillingly. This is similar with Angael, except it does not completely rely on the full moon and instead has various other triggers that may cause him to unwillingly change into the beast. When unwilling, the host loses all control of the lycan or beast, because of this Angael will not control his beast if forced to transform.

Beast Appearance:
The beast stands at the same 6 feet and 5 inches that Angael does. It's frame is slightly thinner than that of Angael's aswell, although holding the same rippling muscle definition that Angael seems to have. As the beast is thinner it has slightly less weight than Angael, being around 13 stone rather than 16 stone. The muscles are therefore smaller, making him appear weaker than he would have on Angael but yet still has all the definition that is needed.

The beasts head is slightly odd in appearance. It's shape is probably the most odd. It is rather long and thin, like that of some people but instead of being rounded at the back, it draws out into a spiked shape, protruding from the back of it's head a short, but fair distance. The head is mainly coloured black, midnight black. However, it has a crimson read stripe, that goes all the way down the front of it's head, from the tip of the spike to the bottom of the chin. The stripe is thick as it goes from the center point of one eye to the centre point of the other. Along the edge of the crimson red stripe is a thin green stripe on either side, covering the last half of the eyes in width. The face itself has a relatively flat appearance, with no nose to be seen. The eyes themselves have no pupils, but are instead just filled with the random moving colours of Angael's original eyes, sky blue, crimson red and emerald green. This makes it difficult for anyone to tell which direction it's looking. The ears themselves are lengthened and more pointed, like that of an elf's but only moreso. They are also midnight black in colour. The beasts thin lips are also black in colour, making them stand out from within the crimson red.

The body is similar to that of the head, with a coating of midnight black covering most of it. The beast has another red stripe that seems to run down the front and back of it's body. It is about the width of mid peck to mid peck and broadens out at the shoulders and hips. The red stripe then splits down from the hip to either leg creating another stripe down the front and back of each leg, ending at the ankle. The red stripe also runs down the outside of each arm all the way down until it reaches the wrist, where it stops entirely. The crimson red stripes all have the thin dark green stripe running along their edges. The beasts hands and feet seem to be completely black in colour, although having an extreme amount of shine compared to the rest of the body. The hands and feet seem to reflect light extremely easily.

Just above the backside, in the middle of the red stripe on the behind starts a small thin tail. This tail can be considered similar to that of a monkeys, although has that crimson red colour occupying most of the tail from the back up. A few inches from the very tip of the tail is a thin green stripe that forms a ring around the tail. Then the rest is that same shining black that the hands and feet seem to have.

Beast Abilities:
The beast seems to be a much more powerful form that Angael can take on. As such it keeps all the abilities that Angael had been able to use before. These abilities have become far more potent in the beast's form though and some of them enhanced to a much more extreme state. The beast still however, has some of it's own more unique abilities, causing it's range of attacks to be more widespread and devastating. Some of these new abilities can be used by the uncontrolled beast only, as Angael would choose to never access them, for he is not dark enough to even dream of them.

Even though the beast does not have wings, it is able to fly. The beast mainly uses this ability to stay at one point rather than to travel distances, say for a fight. It will often use this after sending opponents into the air with a well timed and powerful attack, normally a punch or a kick. This flight is enabled because of the beasts vast level of energy.

Extreme Physical Ability:
The beast's speed is advancely increased upon Angael's normal form. It has been known to simply 'appear' at certain spots, although not capable of teleporting. This is because it has enough speed to move too fast for most eyes to determine. As the eyes cannot keep up with this, the beast can make frequent 'shocking' appearances to confuse or baffle others. It can also move to such speeds where it leaves images behind it. These images are unable to move and are just an optical component, they cannot move, fight, speak or interact with the real world. Instead, they just simply 'fade' away. It's strength increases majorly, although without so much a significant difference as the speed increases from Angael's form. The strength of the beast increases to a point where it is able to puncture other creatures with it's hands, feet and tail. Maybe this could be a hidden link to why they're so shiny? When the beast is fully in control rather than Angael it is known to be capable of punching through more dense objects, such as metal. The beast is also incredibly flexible, the body being able to perform feats that most people would find impossible. It is shown by the beasts range of various attacking positions.

Chaos Crystal:
The beasts hands, feet and tail are all incredibly shiny. This is because they are made from a substance known as Chaos Crystal. This crystal type is actually specific to the beast, allowing it to manipulate it with extreme ease. It can even make it grow within the most barren places. The crystal itself is extremely durable and so does not scratch or wear easily. This makes it perfect for puncturing the bodies of other creatures. It is also capable of withstanding extremely high heat, making it incredibly hard to melt.

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